Welcome to Sacred Soul Inner Circle

An online sacred space to heal, transform and grow together for the evolution of our Sacred Soul.


Sacred Soul Healing Arts School is dedicated to the Sacred Souls wishing to learn how to heal, transform and grow through the healing arts. As you awaken to your light body and become aware of your souls path, it's natural to want to learn about the mysteries of the cosmos, energy healing, light codes, readings, crystals... it will start becoming a part of life. This journey of awakening can begin at any age and lasts a lifetime. 

For the Beginners....

You'll find courses and teachings on energy healing to build your foundation of knowledge and experience.

  • Shamanic Reiki Level 1 awakens and attunes to the energetic field, providing foundational structure to energy practice and introduction to channeling.
  • Mini courses in Crystal Healing teach you basic practices to incorporate into healing sessions for yourself and others.
  • Experiencing journeying to Higher Realms like the Akashic Field for healing, attunement and building connections to the Quantum Field.

For the Seasoned Souls...

You'll find community and teachings that embrace strengthening your personal connection and evolution. Take your practice to the next level and come into expressing your uniquely guided gifts.

  • Advance to Master Teacher levels of Shamanic Reiki to deepen your understanding of energy and ability to channel higher frequencies of light for healing.
  • Learn unique healing techniques that have been channeled from other realms.
  • Dive into your own personal path to learn your souls lineage and what desires to be expressed on your path.
  • Spiritual business practices to help you grow and flourish on you path.

Will You Join Us...

From Sacred Circles and guided journeys in Etheric Temples, to certification trainings in Shamanic Reiki and initiation to the Rose Priestess Path, you'll find a wealth of spiritual practices to meet your needs.

Isn't it time to come home to the essence of Spirit within You?

Choose the journey you are ready to take at this time. Are you seeking individual support and mentorship?

Would you like to connect through groups?

Do you hear the call to become a practitioner?

Answering these questions will help you know where to start. If you need further help deciding what path or course would be best for you, join our free community space and ask!

Come on in and join us!  Be part of a rising community of energy healers, mystics and spiritual artists.


About Me

Hi! I am Jena Skai, Sacred Soul Healer, Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher and owner of Sacred Soul, a Healing Arts Center located on the beautiful North Carolina coast. I am here to support you on your journey of spiritual development and growth. Now more than ever it is so important to attune to your Sacredness, recognizing the power that lies within you as you awaken to your inner Divine Sacred Self.

I have been on this conscious spiritual journey, studying and learning shamanism and healing practices from all over the world, for over 20 years. Over the years I have helped thousands of women and men heal and transform their lives so that they could begin to manifest their truest Sacred Soul potential and awaken to their purpose.

Join me to begin the healing process and inner work of transformation, by facing your shadows and understanding who you are at the core of your being, so you can step fully into the Light of your Sacred Soul.